Thursday, 28 April 2011

My Creative Space

The last time we had a royal wedding of this magnitude I was 18 years old with a boyfriend who feared that weddings were infectious. Obviously, spending the day glued to the television watching the wedding would have given me ideas so we spent the morning climbing a hill behind the quarry nearby. The afternoon was spent listening to Elvis Costello and The Clash. A fine musical selection and well known antidote to romantic notions. This time round it will be an ordinary working day for me, but the bonus of having the shop next to the house means I shall no doubt pop my head round the door from time to time for a wee look.
So.. to get in the mood I used my creative space this morning to crochet my own little royal wedding cake.
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Fiona said...

I'm sure it will be quiet tomorrow, so you'll have time to take a peek!

Last time round I was on holiday in Scotland with my parents - I think we spent the day on a boat on Loch Awe; not deliberately avoiding the wedding, but just not wasting a day of our holiday!