Sunday, 24 April 2011

Royal Wedding Souvenirs.... mmmaybe not !!!

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I didn't actually go looking for shadows this week and only realised how quirky this one was when I came to do a completely different post. My friends and I had a club night at Mel's on Friday. We are not so much 'ladies who lunch' as 'ladies who laugh'. And there was certainly a lot of laughing on Friday night. Mel sets little challenges every month and this month's challenge was to create a tacky Royal Wedding souvenir.
Obviously, the tackier the better.
Mel excelled herself with this Catherine Middleton topsy turvy doll made from two wooden spoons. Below we have 'common Kate'. Just an ordinary girl with a penchant for fashion. You may notice the stylish chamois leather, gypsy style skirt, the curtain ring earings and the special monogrammed yellow tee-shirt.
Above, we have Princess Catherine in her wedding finery. Note the self styled carrier bag wedding dress and a the exfoliating scrunchy hair. What a lovely shadow she makes.

Elaine also got the tacky element just right with her special Royal Wedding toilet roll holder.

There's really not a lot I can say about this that Elaine did not already say in her authentication certificate that came along with her souvenir.

Perhaps now I should add a disclaimer about how I had no part in these creations and that Buy Design does not specialise in tacky souvenirs. Elaine and Mel really are incredibly talented and creative ladies. Can you just imagine what they could do if they harnessed all their talent for good...


Hey Harriet said...

I love it! Sounds like a great time spent with friends. Those creations are very cool. I'm a big fan of tacky souvenirs. No royal wedding snow globes though? Sheesh! ;)

Have a great week and thanks for the chuckles!

Fiona said...