Thursday, 5 May 2011

My Creative Space

Today I was working on a special order for a customer using my super funky French Knitting bobbin.
Everybody seems to have a different name for this particular craft.
French Knitting, Catty tails, Ratty tails, bobbin knitting, dolly knitting, are just some of the names I have heard of.
Anyway, my little bobbin, dolly, thingamyjig is a long way removed from the hand made thingamyjigs that my sister and I used when we were young. Way back in the 'olden days' .. possibly before the invention of plastic.. when thread used to come on wooden bobbins, we waited patiently till mum had finished two reels of thread. My dad hammered four small nails into the empty reels and  voila !! our own little knitting thingamyjigs. Somehow we never really made anything other than long knitted tubes which could be used as scarfs for our dolls.
Todays project involved fine wire and cute little square beads and became a pretty little necklace.
My customer was passing by just as I finished and I forgot to get a photograph.
I'll just have to do another one now and be sure to get a picture.
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Tammi said...

My goodness, this takes me back to my childhood :) My nana taught me how to do this but I can't remember what she called it.
Would love to see a pic of the next one you make.

Fiona said...

I used to use Mum's old sewing reels too! Would love to see a photo of the necklace.

Fruitful Fusion said...

I want to see a photo too! You just HAVE to make another one! :)

Seaweed and Raine said...

WOW - sound fantastic! I'd love to see how the necklace turned out. I used to use one of those french knitting things as a kid - great memories (I did stitch one into a coil once for my grandma to use as a doily thing...) :)

crazyhaberdasher said...

Hi Fiona!
I just found your post on your french knitter. These little tools are also known as a Knitting Nancy, Knitting Spool, Dolly Bobbin, Strickliesel (German), Tricotin (French), and whole lot of other names. I currently manage the worldwide Yahoo Spoolknitter group and we have lots of fun there. There are lots of links to anything to do with spoolknitting, lots of photos of spool knitters and projects, etc. Would love to see you there! I also have a blog - - that deals a lot with my collection, etc. and there is also a Flickr group - Spool Knitter - which shows lot of photos of projects and more knitters.
We do have members who are only interested in the jewellery side of spool knitting. Anyway, just thought that you may be interested to know.... very best wishes, Marian aka Maz in Oz

crazyhaberdasher said...

Hello again Fiona!
So lovely that you commented on my collection of spool knitters/knitting nancies etc. I am very proud of them and so very appreciative of being able to purchase them worldwide. I am an Aussie and it is not so easy to find the wonderful novel vintage ones here. I have been lucky enough to gather together about 5oo so far (I must count them all one day!). I particularly love the J W Spears vintage knitting nancies. I hope to publish a book someday! I also enjoy collecting sewing machines together with dear hubby, we have treadles, handcranks, and toys. So I am really thrilled to see that you found your 201K during your holiday - it is a beauty!
cheers, Marian aka Maz in Oz