Friday, 15 April 2011

Rocking rolling riding..

After yesterdays nonsense I thought I ought to redeem myself and prove to the world that I'm not completely mad. When I was a wee girl I always wanted a rocking horse. I also loved singing along with The Seekers, singing about the train to morning town. I used to dream about singing along with The Seekers while rocking on my rocking horse.
I really wanted a rocking horse for my children, but that didn't happen either. Totally skint when number one was born, fairly skint when number two was born, and by the time number three came along number one and number two were too big for a rocking horse and it seemed a bit extravagant to buy a horse for just one child to use.

I probably won't get to keep this one for long, because he is so lovely and I'm sure someone will be taking him to a new home very soon. But until that happens I can enjoy having him in the shop.
A very talented man called Andy White made this beauty.
Have you ever wondered what joiners do when they retire ? In Andy's case the answer is.. make rocking horses.

Isn't he just gorgeous.
Fiona x

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Fiona said...

Ohhhh - he's fab! I always wanted a rocking horse; only ever got to ride one when I visited my godmother (a rare event).