Thursday, 7 April 2011

My Creative Space

We all know by now that my official status as a jewellery maker has taken a bit of a hit recently as I have become more and more obsessive about my new love of crochet. Of course I decided to learn to crochet so that I could use the techniques I learned to create new and exciting jewellery. I just never planned on getting so carried away with myself.
So.. to the point of todays post.
It's Thursday again which means that it's time to share what I have been working on in My Creative Space. Feel free to click HERE and visit Kirsty at Kootoyoo.
I came across an interesting looking pattern and decided to challenge my crochet and jewellers skills at the same time.
I had hoped to be able to work this pattern in fine wire but that proved a bit tricky so I used a shiny, textured crochet thread instead. Now that I have done the pattern once though I think I will probably try again with wire as I have a feeling that it could result in something fabulous. How's that for confidence then ???
What I should have said, is that I would love to be good enough to crochet  a fabulous, unique and totally gorgeous necklace using fine enamelled wire and although I'm not entirely sure that I'm up to the task, I'm prepared to give it a go. I'll let you know how I get on.

 Whilst I can see ways of improving this one, or maybe just adapting it a little bit, I must admit that I am pretty pleased with myself.


Fiona said...

Fiona, that's stunning! Love it!!

Yes, I'm sure it would look good in wire, but this is amazing as is. I can see exactly why you're pleased with yourself!!!

Pearlin J said...

its beautiful!

SFMama said...

beautiful - I've been wanting to try crocheting with beads too, but have not yet gotten around to doing it. You've done an awesome job with the necklace.

Tina said...

Both the wire bracelet and collar look fab. The second wrist warmer is still not knitted!! I think I need to move on and let it sit as a UFO. :) Thanks for the collaborative permission...I do tend to just not knit at all in some sort of sick way of getting me to get the second one done before starting something this rate I will never knit again :)


Fruitful Fusion said...

I love it! It would be so beautiful in the wire too! Go on! You can do it! :)