Monday, 11 April 2011

Bunnies Galore

There appears to be an abundance of bunnies in Alyth today.
We have just enjoyed a beautifully sunny and warm weekend and I'm full of hope for a lovely summer this year. I do hope I'm right.
With only two weeks till Easter, and full of the joys of spring I decided that today was the day to start putting my Easter Window display together. Oh yes.. there's another shield at stake but I fear the competition will be fierce this time round.
So would you like a sneak preview ?
I'm not quite finished and I think I will rearrange things a bit more until I am satisfied but here is the progress so far.
I've been crocheting bunnies and carrots and daisies to my heart's content for the last couple of months. I think somehow I would like to create a hill for the little guys to play on though that's going to require some thinking about.
I love my 'easter tree' decorated with eggs and ribbons. It reminds me of our holiday in Eastern Europe this time last year, where the trees in the town squares were decorated in ribbons, and where the fabulous Easter markets were an absolute treat.
I'm not liking how bad the paintwork on my windowsill looks. A reminder of how harsh our winter was and a reminder that I need to speak to my painter to get things tidied up again. 

And here are some more bunnies along the street in my friend Mel's window.
I love her daffodils on the back cloth. They are made from cut out paper petals and fairy-cake cases.
It's such a simple idea but they are really effective.
Hopefully I'll have some more windows to show in the next few days.


quilary said...

Your window is looking lovely. So much handmade goodness you are sure to do well!

Fiona said...

Looks like you've been hard at work!! I like that juicy carrot!!

I've been enjoying some of the window displays over here - it's lovely that people take the time to do seasonal displays. Everything seems so colourful ... but maybe the weather is giving a helping hand there too. Hoping for a lovely, warm summer too.

Ruth Trotter Photography said...

Lovely to see your blog - shop is looking lovely - hopefully pop in soon xx