Sunday, 29 November 2009

A winner at Buy Design

Yesterday's pictures went a bit wonky due to the fact I had so many I wanted to show and wanted to give a mention to everyone as much as possible. Anyhow I hope is wasn't too untidy.
Another great bit about yesterday was that we chose the winner of our Christmas Hamper. An innocent passer-by was asked to pick the name out of the basket to make sure it was completely fair. I am delighted that Pat Johnson is the winner. It's a funny thing when you set a competition to encourage new customers that you secretly hope one of your regulars will be the winner. That is just what happened, so well done to Pat.
Another great part of the day was the switching on of the Christmas lights which are possibly the best in Perthshire, or I may be a little bit biased.
I wasn't able to record the parade and photos of lights in the dark are a bit tricky but I shall see what I can do in the next few days and share what I can.
Fiona x

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Victorian Day in Alyth

What can I say about Victorian Day !!! We had such a lovely day in Buy Design. Here is my lovely Megan looking like a shop assistant in a novel by Jane Austen. Don't know if there are any Jane Austen shop assistants but if there were they would look like this.
There is a competition amongst all businesses for the best or most original costumes and we are really chuffed to have been awarded third place today.

We spent the day having photos by complete strangers and smiling madly. The last time a spent a whole day smiling for photos was my wedding day 20 years ago.

This lovely couple work in Costcutter and were given second place.

The ladies in the chemist reliving their school days.

Andy Pandy and Teddy in the Post Office.

Michael Kay, the demon barber of Airlie Street. Michael is a very active member of the Alyth Business Association and did loads of work to make the day a great success.

This lady doesn't actually have a shop but she and her little grandaughter dressed in Victorian style and visited all the shops.

A lovely snowlady in the hairdressers. I think this is a great costume as she was able to work as normal while looking fab.

David here, was standing on the corner watching life go by and took photos of everyone as they passed. He has a really good pic of me which I didn't know he had taken. He is doing a photography course and I think Victorian Day is a bit of a project for him.

The Toy Soldier was serving in the newsagents today. She has also decorated a fantastic Christmas Window. That's another competition here and our windows will be judged in two weeks time.
Most of the windows were done for today and are looking great, especially as the Christmas lights have now been switched on.

The Co op staff turned out as the cast of a Spaghetti Western

Dorothy and the wicked witch at The Dirliebane coffee shop.

The Spar just did their own thing really. Paul had a bit of a problem with his parrot which did not want to sit on his shoulder,but all was resolved in time for a photo.

Now, Margaret at Meg's Mini Market has taken recycling to a whole new level with her bin bag dress and litter accessories. Will it become the fashion of the future? Mmm just have to wait and see on that one.

This cowboy and his squaw were helpers at the scout coffee morning in Airlie Street Hall. Here they are outside Buy Design.

Sadly I don't have a photo of the winners today. The Alyth Hotel had dressed as the cast of Allo Allo. By the time I got round there to visit they had changed into normal clothes since the costumes weren't suitable for working in the kitchen and for handling food. Hopefully I will get a pic e-mailed to me and I will post it later.
All round it has been a super day. Hope you enjoy the pics.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Victorian Day

Just A quick note to remind everyone local that this Saturday is Victorian Day here in Alyth. Megan and I were off this evening to collect our costumes and can't wait to wear them on Saturday.
Christmas window is just about finished, though I think I will be adding a few more bits along the way. I really want to have it all done by Saturday since there will be a lot of visitors in town and we want to be looking our best.
I will be taking lots of pics on the day and will share them as soon as I can.
Just a bit more knitting to do tonight, so bye for now.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Perth Concert Hall Craft Fair

This Sunday we will be heading to Perth for a Craft Fair organised by the Angus Craft Association. I love the concert hall and of course the added bonus of an indoor event at this time of year is always good. Cathy Arnott and Jacquie Bell who have work in Buy Design will also be there which should make for an interesting day. If we are neighbours we talk all day and if not we have been known to text each other across a crowded room.
There are a lot of things going on in Perth on Sunday, leading up to the Switch on of the Christmas lights so it should be a good day all round.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Christmas Shopping Evening

I have just set the date for our Christmas Shopping evening which will be on Wednesday 9th December. We will be open from 6.30 till 9ish. Last year I made mulled wine for the first and since I wasn't entirely sure what it should taste like, I wasn't entirely sure if it was any good. Apparently it was, so I will try to do the same again. There will be seasonal nibbles too, so you can always pop in on your way home from work instead of rushing home to cook.
Not sure if I mentioned before that 28th November is Victorian Day here in Alyth. Coffee morning in Airlie Street hall in the morning, Charity Stalls there in the afternoon, and Christmas Lights switch on at 6pm.
We will be open till 7pm. Not giving too much away, but along with the other shops in the town, we will be in Fancy Dress on the day. Megan, my Saturday girl (and daughter) and I were off trying on our costumes last week and can't wait to wear them for real.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Nappy Cakes and Sock Babies.

These little sock babies come from my friend Elaine who is a very talented artist. She is also very creative in her own quirky way. Why, or how she thought up sock babies, I don't know, but they are lovely little things. Each baby is made from one childs' sock. Little features are stitched in place so they are totally child friendly. So cute!!

Now, having promised photos of Nappy Cakes, I'm not sure if you will be able to make out the details very well. These are a couple of examples. They come on a cake board (perfect for the Christening Cake) with a cake tin filled with a variety of baby goods - anything from toiletries to frilly pants to spoons and bowls. Nappies, muslin cloths and a cuddly toy finish it off.

I wish I knew someone having a baby because I really want to buy one.

Craft Fairs.

For the first time ever I remembered to take my camera out at a craft fair. Only briefly mind you but it's a start. Here is my friend Cathy Arnott who had her stall just opposite mine. She does etching on glass and has produced some lovely work this year. I have a selection in Buy Design which she changes regularly. I picked out a few pieces on Saturday which I would love for the shop. She still has a few more fairs this month then we will really stock up in the shop for Christmas.
This is my stall. My friend Mark Baker who makes wonderful stained glass made the display boards for me. I really like being able to set things up like a little shop with my counter in the middle. The next step will be to get some lighting for it. We had a mixed weekend,really good sales on Saturday but mostly browsers out for a country walk on Sunday. It's always nice catching up with fellow crafters and meeting new ones.
Next outing is at Perth Concert Hall on Sunday 22nd Nov. The Perth Christmas lights are being switched on and Radio Tay will be outside doing a live broadcast. Hopefully they will be encouraging people to visit the fair.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Dear Santa

Santa knows by now that a new lap top is top of my Christmas List. Have spent the last hour trying to get my photos to move on to my computer and they just won't go. Well apart from this lovely little cushion which is quite appropriate as it happens. Seems that my Bluetooth has tooth ache and just can't be bothered.
Hopefully I will be back soon with a proper update. By the way, this little cushion came from Maureen and would love a new home for Christmas.
Fiona x

Friday, 13 November 2009

No Pictures!!

So for the last week I have been running around, doing lots but seemingly, getting nowhere. This weekend I am off to Forbes of Kingennie for a Christmas Craft Fair so I have been seriously busy getting all my stock ready. Why I didn't do this well in advance is a question that only a truely disorganised crafter can answer.
Anyway its all done now and I will definately get some pictures on here soon.
We have lots of lovely new stock in Buy Design and I promise to show it all soon. Mary has brought her Christmas collection of decorated pine cones, mini wreaths, walnuts, ribbons and all sorts.
Also added Nappy Cakes last week, thanks to a lucky meeting when I was out demonstrating. I just happened to meet the sister of the lady I had seen at a show over a year ago. They are gorgeous gifts for anyone with a new baby and I will take photos asap.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Keeping Busy

It's that time of year again when I seem to spend my time trying to catch up. I did a craft fair at Meigle, Perthshire on Saturday and got off to a very dodgy start. Luckily Meigle is only a couple of miles from home or it could have been a bit of a disaster. Firstly, the temperature really dropped overnight and my car needed to be de-iced before I could go anywhere. This must have thrown my packing routine because when I arrived at Meigle, having noted the temp as -1 degrees along the way, I discovered that I had left some of my display stands in the shop. Not a total disaster but I did have to fly home to collect them before setting up.
It was a lovely little fair and since it was only for the morning I was home by lunchtime and my husband cooked for me. Very nice.
I am now creating like mad for a two day fair next weekend 14th 15th November at Kingenny. I will be needing the sat nav for that as apart from being near Monifieth I really don't know where it is.
So between now and then I will be knitting lots of bracelets, making key rings and beaded angels. I think the rest of can take care of itself.
Will have to post some photos tomorrow of our latest arrival at Buy Design. It's too dark to take good photos tonight and I want to get it right.
Time for a cuppa I think.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Panic Over

After all my worrying my demo last night went really well. Have had a few visitors to the shop today who were there last night. It's always nice to meet new customers, and they seemed to have had a good time.
Will I still get into a panic before the next demo?
Oh yes!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Public Speaking

Tonight I am off to do a demo at the Alyth over 50's club and I am still hoping for inspiration to strike. I have done a couple of these things before, and despite days of panic beforehand, they have turned out just fine. The problem here is that I am not sure how many people I will be talking to. There could be between 40 to 50, male and female, and a whole range of ages and interests. However, The Choral Union is having a fashion show tonight, there is a lot of flu about, and the weather has been terrible this week, so there may only be a dozen or so hardy members around. Then again, I did a talk for the guild earlier this year and I might have used up all my good stories.
Well this is getting me nowhere so I am off to organise my display for tonight and to put some tools and supplies together.
Wish me luck

Monday, 2 November 2009

Buy Design Hamper

November is the perfect time to visit Buy Design
Today I started making up a special hamper of handcrafted goodies which will be won by one of our lucky customers. Throughout November, everyone who makes a purchase in the shop will be entered into the draw to win our hamper full of lovely gifts in time for Christmas. So far we have Santa, obvious really since he is so big, but no Christmas would be the same without him. There is a selection of my jewellery, engraved glass , stained glass, lavender heart, pyjama bag, a selection of hand made Christmas cards, a storage jar with a handturned wooden lid and a Dippy Bear.
Mary is coming down later in the week to add her festive cones and ribbons, and will also be bringing a whole new range of her flower arrangments.
There is no minimum spend but we are sure that if you are visiting for the first time you will be charmed by the range of goods we have on offer.