Thursday, 14 April 2011

Cracking up ?

Am I maybe getting over egg-cited ?
It's not long till Easter now and I think I might finally be cracking up.
These little egg heads are looking forward to hatching but I'm a bit worried about what they might turn out as. The black and white one is a bit of a bad egg and has ambitions to be a jail bird.
The red one was named Pearce by his mum, an avid James Bond fan with a soft spot for Pearce Brosnan. Sadly little Pearce, an Emo at heart, misunderstood and got his eybrow pierced. Mum was not happy.
On a happier note Ike, in the fetching stetsun, wants to be a country and western singer.
Wee Morag in the tartan bow just wants to look nice.
Not sure what to eggspect from the other two girls but I think the will be just fine.
On the other hand, I may need to have a lie down somewhere calm...


Fiona said...

I think you may need a wee dram and then a lie down!!

quilary said...

I'm trying to type "you definitely have been working far too hard"...but I can't stop laughing!!!!