Monday, 28 June 2010

London Weekend

I have just spent a fabulous weekend in London with my husband. It's our wedding anniversary in a couple of days and for the last few years we have been really lucky to able to get away on our own to mark the event.
Martin was working in London during the week so I flew down on Friday morning to meet him at City Airport. You can't go to London without taking a photograph of The Houses of Parliament !!! This one was taken from the water. We were on one of these at the time.
London Duck tours are a great way to see the city. We lived near London for a long time and both of us worked in the city at some time but you tend to miss things like this when the city is where you go to work. So we had a bit of a tourist day. The 'ducks' are amphibious vehicles, first built for the D-Day landings in the 2nd World War. Now put to good use showing off the sights of London and other cities with waterways. We did a similar tour in Boston last year. The tour took us around the city of Westminster, then onto the Thames to see everything from a different angle.
We stayed at a hotel in Docklands, an area which has undergone a massive regeneration in the last ten years.

This was the view across the Thames basin from our hotel. The old industrial crane things(?) make an interesting feature beside the new luxury riverside apartments. In the background you can just about see the O2 arena.

This is where we went on Saturday night for the hi- light of our trip.

Woo hoo.... Bon Jovi live at the O2. We had the best tickets.. just 4 rows from the stage !!!
The concert was amazing. They played for three whole hours and were just  brilliant.
Can't quite believe I got such a good clear picture. ( there are quite a few rubbish ones with the heads of strangers in the way but at least one good one.)
Fabulous weekend all round and back to normal now.
Fiona x


Tina said...

Wow Fiona!! your pics were excellent and made feel even more sad that we didn't make it to the UK this summer. My husband is from the UK hence my Yorkshire pudding attempt. They are really tasty.

I didn't know they had the duck tours in the UK..very cool and your Bon Jovi pic was well captured!


Anna Kay Creations said...

Hey Fiona, Here's to a happy wedding anniversary. I love the pictures you took especially the close up shot of Bon Jovi!!

Liesl said...

Happy anniversary! Your weekend looks like it was a lot of fun. What a great picture you managed to get at the concert. I am very envious!!