Thursday, 3 June 2010

My Creative Space.

I've been feeling a wee bit sentimental in my creative space this week. And surprise, surprise I have actually been working on jewellery. Crochet has also featured but I will have to show that later when I get some more photos.
As well as making jewellery to my own designs I often get special orders for particular colours, matching sets to outfits for special occasions. I am currently on the search for small red beads to match this...

The feather is left over from an arrangement on a wedding hat and my task is to make a matching necklace to finish off the whole outfit.

Another customer likes to wear yellow in the summer and would like something fun and funky to go with her summer wardrobe.

I love these beads. They make me think of daisies. Not sure yet how I will put them together but hopefully inspiration will strike some time soon.

Another service that we offer here is to repair jewellery.
So many people have costume jewellery that they really love, but when the catch breaks or the thread snaps they are left with lovely bits and pieces that they can no longer wear.
Most pieces that I fix or re-string have mostly sentimental value but it's lovely to be able to bring new life to an old favourite.
These poor old pearls just needed re-stringing for one of my customers but I love the story behind them.
"They're no' real pearls", she said when she brought them to me. They were however a First Wedding Anniversary present from her husband 51 years ago !!!
How amazing is that ?
She just thought it would be nice for her husband to see her wearing them again.
So here they are. Re-threaded onto tiger tail and fitted with a magnetic fastener.

And that's about it for now.
Thursdays are great for seeing what other makers are making in their own Creative Spaces
Pop over for a look and be amazed.
Fiona x


Fiona said...

The yellow beads are lovely - especially the cylindrical ones.

I, too, have some pearls to re-string. They were my Mum's and fell apart when I took them out of the box the other week. For some reason I'm putting off fixing them - probably because I'm unsure whether they're real and, if so, whether I should treat them differently to other beads!

Fruitful Fusion said...

I love the red of that feather! And what a great pearl story!