Thursday, 24 June 2010

My Throw of Many Colours...

It's My Creative Space Thursday again and it's already Friday where most of the participants are but it's still Thursday here so here is what I have been working on today..... I have been working on it for a bit more than one day obviously, but it's nearly finished today.

Does anybody out there love Dolly Parton ?

My daughter is leaving home to go to University in September and I offered to make her a special granny throw to take with her. It seemed like a good idea to me so I was really pleased that she thought so to. Maybe it will become a family tradition to make 'Going to Uni Blankets'. Maybe one day Megan will give it to her daughter. Maybe Megan's daughter will give it to her daughter....
Maybe not, but it's a nice thought.
So, to explain a little bit more. I love a Dolly Parton song called Coat of Many Colours.
It's about how her mum made her a coat out of lots patches of many colours, and about how much love her mum put into it. Sadly, for poor wee Dolly everybody laughed at her home made coat. Must have been before recycling, upcycling and restyling became so fashionable as it is now.
Just imagine, a quilted, patchwork, multicoloured coat.... Gorgeous.

Well the Throw of Many Colours is nearly finished. It's 5ft square with just another round in blue to crochet and a few ends to sew in and it will be all done and ready to go to Aberdeen in September.
I did offer to tell Megan stories 'from the bible' (if you know the song) while I was working which she declined but we have had a few good chats along the way.
I'll sign off now before I get all sentimental.
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Fiona said...

Fiona, that's a lovely idea. I'm sure it will keep Megan warm through the winter and be a treasured possession. You really do have the crochet bug, don't you?!

Susan L (lily40au) said...

i so know what you mean ... i'm collecting fabric to make my darling's quilts so they have something from home to remember and love. that way home will always be with them.
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Fruitful Fusion said...

It's a lovely blanket and a great tradition too!

madebymum said...

I love the colours. P.S I am having my first blog give away stop by and leave a comment to enter.

Buy Design said...

Thanks for the lovely comments. I've been to London this weekend and just catching up now.