Thursday, 1 July 2010

My Creative Space

I have always been a little bit (okay a big bit) in awe of people who can draw. Artists always tell me that everyone can draw.. that even I can draw.. but I know that whenever I try to draw something it never looks like I want it to. This isn't a major problem in my life. I have found many ways to be creative that don't require any drawing skills. However, every now and then, I want to make something that needs to be drawn out first and I get so frustrated that my doodles don't look the same on paper as they do in my head.
I've had a couple of ideas which I wanted to try out in silver for a while and yesterday I spent the afternoon in my basement doing just that.

I found these templates in my Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of crafts and used them as the outline for some silver pendants.

This is my favourite one. I still have to do some serious polishing but so far I am really pleased. I hammered the silver before cutting to give him a hairy look then added the flat collar after. Do you think he should have an eye ? I'm still undecided. You barely see the eyes in real Scottie Dogs because their hair is always in the way so maybe he should stay the way he is.

Still a bit more work to do on this one but at least she  has an eye! It's not very clear but I hammered the little wing with a kind of feathery texture though the rest of the bird is flat. I'm thinking now of a wee branch for her to sit on... or maybe a couple of friends then linking them together in a bracelet..
It's been a while since I did any silver work and I had such fun with these ones. I really ought to do it more often. Will just need to buy more silver.
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Fiona said...

I don' think you need the eye on the Scottie dog, but it wouldn't hurt to give him an eye anyway. Love the bird - so cute!

Quilary said...

Really cute little critters. I love the Scottie dog. You are very creative!

Liesl said...

I bet you most people who can draw can't do silverwork - yours is so wonderful! I particularly love the little Scottie dog. The texture on him looks amazing.

Tina said...

Lovely! I like both of them.


Fruitful Fusion said...

Wow! Clever you! These are great and the other ideas you have (a branch to link them up) are brilliant! I don't think the dog needs an eye.

Buy Design said...

Thanks for the feedback ladies. I'm back in my workshop today and hope to get these pieces finished off.