Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Angel smiles...

We are enjoying some lovely summer weather.
Poor Angel doesn't know what to do with herself. She sits the sun smiling till she can't take it anymore then comes in the house and collapses in front of me.
I've just been out to put sun block on her wee white snout. Poor girl got a bit of sunburn the last time it was this warm and her nose peeled. I don't think you get special dog sun block and mine obviously tastes gorgeous because no sooner had  I put it on than she had licked it off again.
At least her tongue won't get burned...

There should be some lovely meadow flowers where Angel is lying. I'm not a big gardener but I spent ages digging out a horrible prickly bush from this spot in the garden. Angel helped digging out the roots and chewed the branches to save having to compost everything. I then seeded a selection of meadow flowers, watered them and waited...... Then Angel decided that she wanted the area for sunbathing and flattened the lot. I really should be firmer with her but then she smiles and I haven't the heart to tell her off.

Not a lot of work being done around here today.
Too hot !!!

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Fiona said...

Angel looks very happy! My mutt also loves the sun and has her patch in the garden where she sprawls ... luckily not on any flower beds. Hope the sun stays out for Angel.