Sunday, 13 June 2010

First 99 of the summer

                 Excuse the slightly dodgy expression on my face ( I think it might be brain freeze)
We went for a drive yesterday. One of those drives where the passenger knows where he wants to go but keeps the driver (ME) guessing. Turn right at the end of the road.... keep going past the Den... keep going I'll tell you when you need to turn.... yep, over the bridge... No not yet... Pitlochry... good guess but No..
Makes for an interesting day. Bit of a mystery tour but normally the driver is the one who knows the destination.
Anyway, after about an hour we ended up in Braemar, having stopped at the Glenshee Pottery along the way. Braemar is beautiful. Proper Scottish Highland scenery.

We had a lovely walk around town and stopped off for some lunch then walked around a bit more. There was maybe just a wee bit too much tartan but I'm sure the visitors love it. Heading back to the car we spotted the ice cream sign and my day was complete.
 Yummy 99 cone, then back to the twisty, turny rural roads and home in time for tea.
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.
Fiona x

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Chasing Purple Dreams said...

Thanks for the 99! Looks like you had a great day. I love those sorts of meandering days.