Friday, 5 March 2010

Saturday's Fair

I've been busy today organising stock to take with me to The Dundee and District Woodturners craft fair tomorrow. This is my first fair this year and I think I might be out of practice. What a pickle trying to decide what to take and what to leave in the shop !! And of course both places need to be fully stocked so it's been a busy couple of weeks getting it all ready.
Completely new this time round is my new range of crocheted bracelets. All that crochet practice seems to have paid off and I am really pleased with the results.Here's a sneak preview.

Spot the difference !!! Can you tell which is the hand of a hard working 46 year old mother of three and which is the hand of her daughter.
Here you can see the fastening which is a small magnetic catch. These are a big favourite of mine as it makes it soo easy to put your own bracelet on by yourself. Sound silly but I do hate fiddling about with normal clasps on bracelets.

Hopefully I will remember to take some photos of my stall tomorrow and will show you what it looks like. I have a bad habit of forgetting until I am on my way home.

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Fruitful Fusion said...

Absolutely stunning Fiona!!! I love it! What have you used? I think it's brilliant that you're crocheting with something different. I particularly like the one with purpley beads. Lovely!

Oh, to get the labels or categories, type in a label (eg. jewellery) at the bottom of your post where you see a space for labels (or do they call them tags? I can't remember!) Anyway, on the lower right, below the box that you type your post in to. Hope that helps. You might have to click on options if you can't see it.