Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Circle of Friends Award

I'm a happy blogger today.

I have just received my first blog award from Miriam at bubbachenille who, as well as having a really good blog, has also been ever so helpful by giving me instructions and encouragment on how to create links and to copy and paste stuff. Thanks Miriam.

Now what I have to do is tell you about 5 things I love and pass the award on to 5 blogs that I love.
So here we go.
1. I love sleeping. If sleeping was an Olympic event I could sleep for Scotland.
2. I love Corn Flakes with really cold milk and sprinkled with sugar. I eat corn flakes before I go to bed every night in case I sleep in and miss breakfast. I then eat corn flakes for breakfast.
3. I love tea. None of the fancy healthy, fruity, herbal stuff. Proper Scottish tea. Nice and strong with milk.
4. I love my Ugg boots which my husband bought me for Valentine's day. I was given a choice. Did I want a romantic card or a pair of Uggs. I chose the Uggs but I got a card as well.
5. I love my life. My family, my town, my shop, my friends......oh I could go on and on.

Now, in true Awards style..... The nominations are.....

boovake A lovely boutique style shop of art and design in nearby Perth.

handmadeheaven The name says it all. I would love to live close enough to visit.

maytheclothbewithyou A fun blog. Lots of lovely work and makes me giggle.

kootoyoo Very creative space where you can see the Creative Space of  loads of crafters.

prizmaticart Mandy is a glass artist who I went to school with in Scotland then found nearly 30 years later on blogger.

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