Friday, 12 March 2010

Federation Show.

The Angus SWRI show is next week at the Reid Hall in Forfar. Set up is on Thursday and it is open to the public in the afternoon and again on Friday.
If you are in England, think Womens Institute. If you are anywhere else in the world I'm not sure what you would call it.
Basically "The Rural" is made up of women's groups all over which meet each month, have guest speakers or demonstrators, and have competitions based around two main areas. Housewife's and Handicrafts.
Once a year there is a regional competition open to all members with lots and lots of categories from jam, preserves, homebaking, needlework, papercraft and pretty much everything in between.
The schedule appeared way back in September and I happily ticked off a dozen or so things which I would work on over the following months and enter in the show in March. Sounds like a plan eh?
Obviously, to anyone who knows me or has experienced my cooking, I passed on anything in the Housewife section.
So am I organised? Have I completed even half of my projects? Mmmm Have I even started some of them.
Will keep you posted and let you see what I finish this weekend.


bubbachenille said...

I think it's similar to CWA here, Country Womens Association. Have fun !

Buy Design said...

Sounds like the same sort of thing. I'm thinking of backing a little cross stitch cushion with your chenille so you will be represented here in Scotland.