Friday, 26 February 2010

Gifts and giveaways

We've had a pretty miserable couple of months. Freezing temperatures, snow, galeforce winds, rain, more snow, ice ..... Thank goodness for good friends and generous customers who have kept me topped up with fun projects to keep me busy.
My friend Mel, who I am trying to persuade to start a blog of her holiday cottages at Pondfauld , gave me a kit to crochet snow flakes. Now you would think we had seen enough snow and it's a long time till Christmas but I think these will look fab in my window next December.
A couple of weeks ago I won a blog giveaway from Miriam at bubbachenille which included some lovely purple buttons. Here is what I did with them.
Then one of my customers, a lovely lady called Joyce, brought me a long blue necklace which she had bought but never worn because despite being a super colour it just didn't suit her. The question was could I use it to make something else. Well here it is. One necklace is now a three piece set, necklace, bracelet and ear rings and I still have a few tiny beads left over to crochet in to another bracelet.
And finally, I was given this fab, fluffy yarn. Another customer spotted it in a Pound shop. Three for a pound and she thought of me. Thats a project for later in the year but I can just picture a cute snowman in that yarn.

Thanks everybody for keeping me busy.
Love, Fiona x

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bubbachenille said...

You've done such a lovely job Fiona, I'm so glad you were able to use them.