Sunday, 9 October 2011

Blogtober 9th

Today I did something I don't do very often.
In fact today I did something that I hardly ever do.
Okay.... today I did something which I only ever do when I have exhausted every other possibility.
I read the instructions.
I tried being clever yesterday and it didn't work.
I thought I was being really clever posting a sweet little video on my blog but when I went back to view it, it wouldn't play. Hilary at quilary was left in suspense and and I do hate to leave anyone in suspense.
Hopefully, I've edited yesterday's post so that it actually works now. 
And maybe I should read the instructions a bit more often.


boysmum2 said...

At least you gave it a go at loading a video, I have never ventured there yet!

Lis said...

hahah I never read instructions either. It works my end :)

Fiona said...

Strange .... I could play it the first time round!

quilary said...

You did it! I love it! The fellow who does it is an Australian from Adelaide. He lists his occupation as "Unusualist"