Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Blogtober 4th

Someone, suggested  revealing stuff  that other readers might not know about you as a way of filling the time during Blogtober.
That might be a good idea if I was more interesting....
Does anyone really want to know that I used to play in a brass band ?
I do like a good book though so here are the last three books that I read.

This is what I'm reading in bed.

This what I'm reading after work and before bed.

And this is my all time favourite book.

So how is that for revealing something new about myself ?
Oh yes, I like to read and I like my bed.
Fiona x


Fiona said...

I'm fond of reading, but I like my bed more!!! It's often a choice between crafting and reading in this house!!

Jem said...

You have good taste in books too!

Jem xXx

Robin Norgren said...

Yes I absolutely LOVE peeking onto people's bookshelves! And I take it you are a writer too! Popping in from Blogtoberfest