Thursday, 6 October 2011

Blogtober 6th

I never really understood the concept of fingerless gloves.
Surely if it's cold enough for half a glove then it's cold enough for a whole glove.
I even found a pattern for wrist warmers. Why would you want to warm your wrists and leave your hands out in the cold ?
These impossible questions were answered for me this week by a child minder from Meigle. I now know that fingerless gloves are really handy when pushing baby buggies and tending to the babies in the buggies. Childminders and young mums alike enjoy the benefit of keeping the chill off the the top of their hands while maintaining freedom of movement in their fingers. 
And  ..... on particularly cold mornings wrist warmers are great for stopping the cold wind blowing up the sleeves of your jacket when pushing the buggies.
 And so, armed with this new information, I have been trying out some fingerless glove patterns today.
This is my favourite one so far. Ably modelled by my youngest daughter, who tells me that fingerless gloves are pretty cool even when you don't have a buggy to push.
Time now to visit ourcreativespaces and see what everyone else has been doing today.
Fiona x

1 comment:

Fiona said...

I've never really understood them either ... but I need some gloves with an in-built heating element as my hands are never warm from sometime soon till about May.

Love the hot pink ... i have a niece who would love those!!