Monday, 17 October 2011

Blogtober 17th

So much for blogging everyday for a month. I've just gone and missed a whole weekend.
Do I need a note for the teacher or can I just tell you what I got up to?
Well... it was a birthday weekend for my daughter and since she is on school holidays we thought it would be a good idea to make a bit of a holiday out of it.
We flew from Edinburgh at tea time on Friday and headed to London.
We actually stayed in Colchester in Essex which turned out to be a really good idea as we had brilliant weather over the weekend and it was nice not to be in the city the whole time.
On Saturday we went in to the city with enough time for lunch and a bit of shopping before the main event.
We spent ages in Forbidden Planet as my daughter loves Manga, and Myths and Science Fiction.
She was in her element.
Surprisingly, even I found something which I just had to have.....

There are some truly gruesome crochet patterns in here.
I don't know why I would want to crochet a cannibalistic cockerel but you never know.

Then it was off to Her Majesty's Theatre in the Haymarket for the matinee performance of Phantom of the Opera. Awesome, is such an overused word these days, but really it was.
On Sunday we made the most of the fine weather and headed down the coast to Clacton.
I love traditional English seaside towns and Clacton has everything you would expect.
Ice cream on the promenade and frothy coffee and a fortune teller on the pier.
While we enjoyed our frothy coffees Rhona tried to beat the 'claw'.
Despite her disappointment, I was really rather pleased that she didn't manage to hook a giant fluffy bear.
After all, we did fly Easy Jet and there was no way I wanted to pay excess baggage allowance on a giant stuffed toy.
So ... that's my excuse for missing two blogs.

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Fiona said...

Sounds like a great weekend, Fiona and a fairly good excuse to miss out on blogging (you need one of these mobile devices to blog on the go ... or maybe that's sad!?!)