Monday, 3 October 2011

Blogtober 3rd

It's not all fun and games when you have your own business.
On the one hand it's a new month, a new season with so many new ideas of what to make and do.
On the other hand it's the end of the month with sums to do and totals to check. Cheques to be written and sent out to my suppliers, and cross eyes and upside down photos.
I don't know what I did there.
 It was the right way up on the camera then the wrong way up on the computer. But it does reflect my mood at the moment. Oh well, at least I have a whole month before I have to do that again.


Fiona said...

Rather you than me! I used to hate month end when I worked in banking, now I just have to send out a few invoices - that I can just about cope with.

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

I'm trying to get into a better habit with managing my creative business finances on a quarterly basis instead of waiting until the end of the tax year. I'm supposed to be looking at the first quarter round about now! Hmmn, wonder how long I'll be procrastinating on that one.

Thanks for joining in with Blogtoberfest.