Sunday, 29 November 2009

A winner at Buy Design

Yesterday's pictures went a bit wonky due to the fact I had so many I wanted to show and wanted to give a mention to everyone as much as possible. Anyhow I hope is wasn't too untidy.
Another great bit about yesterday was that we chose the winner of our Christmas Hamper. An innocent passer-by was asked to pick the name out of the basket to make sure it was completely fair. I am delighted that Pat Johnson is the winner. It's a funny thing when you set a competition to encourage new customers that you secretly hope one of your regulars will be the winner. That is just what happened, so well done to Pat.
Another great part of the day was the switching on of the Christmas lights which are possibly the best in Perthshire, or I may be a little bit biased.
I wasn't able to record the parade and photos of lights in the dark are a bit tricky but I shall see what I can do in the next few days and share what I can.
Fiona x

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