Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Public Speaking

Tonight I am off to do a demo at the Alyth over 50's club and I am still hoping for inspiration to strike. I have done a couple of these things before, and despite days of panic beforehand, they have turned out just fine. The problem here is that I am not sure how many people I will be talking to. There could be between 40 to 50, male and female, and a whole range of ages and interests. However, The Choral Union is having a fashion show tonight, there is a lot of flu about, and the weather has been terrible this week, so there may only be a dozen or so hardy members around. Then again, I did a talk for the guild earlier this year and I might have used up all my good stories.
Well this is getting me nowhere so I am off to organise my display for tonight and to put some tools and supplies together.
Wish me luck

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