Saturday, 28 November 2009

Victorian Day in Alyth

What can I say about Victorian Day !!! We had such a lovely day in Buy Design. Here is my lovely Megan looking like a shop assistant in a novel by Jane Austen. Don't know if there are any Jane Austen shop assistants but if there were they would look like this.
There is a competition amongst all businesses for the best or most original costumes and we are really chuffed to have been awarded third place today.

We spent the day having photos by complete strangers and smiling madly. The last time a spent a whole day smiling for photos was my wedding day 20 years ago.

This lovely couple work in Costcutter and were given second place.

The ladies in the chemist reliving their school days.

Andy Pandy and Teddy in the Post Office.

Michael Kay, the demon barber of Airlie Street. Michael is a very active member of the Alyth Business Association and did loads of work to make the day a great success.

This lady doesn't actually have a shop but she and her little grandaughter dressed in Victorian style and visited all the shops.

A lovely snowlady in the hairdressers. I think this is a great costume as she was able to work as normal while looking fab.

David here, was standing on the corner watching life go by and took photos of everyone as they passed. He has a really good pic of me which I didn't know he had taken. He is doing a photography course and I think Victorian Day is a bit of a project for him.

The Toy Soldier was serving in the newsagents today. She has also decorated a fantastic Christmas Window. That's another competition here and our windows will be judged in two weeks time.
Most of the windows were done for today and are looking great, especially as the Christmas lights have now been switched on.

The Co op staff turned out as the cast of a Spaghetti Western

Dorothy and the wicked witch at The Dirliebane coffee shop.

The Spar just did their own thing really. Paul had a bit of a problem with his parrot which did not want to sit on his shoulder,but all was resolved in time for a photo.

Now, Margaret at Meg's Mini Market has taken recycling to a whole new level with her bin bag dress and litter accessories. Will it become the fashion of the future? Mmm just have to wait and see on that one.

This cowboy and his squaw were helpers at the scout coffee morning in Airlie Street Hall. Here they are outside Buy Design.

Sadly I don't have a photo of the winners today. The Alyth Hotel had dressed as the cast of Allo Allo. By the time I got round there to visit they had changed into normal clothes since the costumes weren't suitable for working in the kitchen and for handling food. Hopefully I will get a pic e-mailed to me and I will post it later.
All round it has been a super day. Hope you enjoy the pics.


Donna said...

Wow--neat pictures...these were not there the other day when I checked in on your blog...weird...maybe that is why you probably thought what a clueless girl and told me to check the blog for pics :) Well they are there now and look like it was a very fun day spent by all...but I do have a question coming from an American--what is a chemist??? Is that the same as our phamarist? Have a great night and hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Buy Design said...

What a funny thing language is. So many countries speak English yet we all have our own versions. You are right. The pharmacist is the one who dispenses the medicine in our Chemist shops.