Saturday, 29 August 2009

Bead Crazy

It's Saturday which means a day off for me. My daughter Megan takes charge of the shop on a Saturday and I get to go out for a drive, a nice lunch, and a bit of shopping with my husband. Today the destination was Perth, which was lucky for me since my favourite bead shop, Bead Crazy is in Perth and it would be such a shame not to pop in for some supplies. I was very good today and only bought a few things on a whim and pretty much stuck to my list of essentials. There are still 7 weeks till my first Christmas craft fair but preparations are going well and stock is building up. I am trying really hard not to have a last minute panic this year.
My one indulgence today were some absolutely gorgeous purple beads which I love. Hopefully they will turn in to an absolutely gorgeous piece of jewellery very soon. Will post their picture when they are done.

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