Wednesday, 19 August 2009

There's a Teddy in my Window

At least I hope there is. I had just about got the knack of posting photos when my lap top broke, then my daughter broke my camera. To many people this would pose only a minor problem, but I am not one of those people. Have now figured a whole new way to move photos involving a mobile phone and bluetooth, and am pretty pleased with myself. I am definately not a girl of the technical generation, but am slowly catching up.
There is a reason for the teddy in the window. Every summer here in Alyth all the shops take part in The Teddy Bear Trail, a competition for the children which encourages the adults to take a walk around the town, and hopefully spend money in the shops. Last year (as the story goes) Alyth hosted a huge teddy bear convention, and the teddies stayed with local shopkeepers. The quest was to count the teddies in each window, put the answer on your entry form from the Post Office, and wait in hope of winning a giant Bear at the end of the summer. This year (as the story goes) the teddies are making use of the government scrappage scheme and trading in their old cars for a £2000 bonus towards a new car. So we all have a Teddy with an old car in our window and the aim is to identify the make of the old car. A lot more dads have been called in this year to help!!!

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