Wednesday, 26 August 2009

On a roll

Feeling pretty pleased with myself now so here are some more photos. I should explain that I went on maternity leave nearly 20 years ago before computers were invented!!! Not quite but you know what I mean. I have done little more than play solitaire on our computer for years so this is a whole new challenge for me.
Anyway, a couple of years ago, my friend Cathy Arnott and I went to a local craft group where we were given the chance to try out new crafts. One of these crafts was glass engraving and Cathy took to it like a duck to water. This photo doesn't show very clearly but her work is really lovely and makes an ordinary piece of glass very unique.

Here is a lovely stained glass panel from Mark Baker. His attention to detail is amazing and he finishes his work really nicely. It looks lovely in this little alcove at the front of the shop and I will sad to see it go but I am sure he will replace it with something just as wonderful.
This is one of my little brooches. We are big on kilt pins in this part of Scotland, so it seemed like a good idea to do something a bit different with this one. You don't need to wear a kilt, to wear a kilt pin.

This is the back of the shop. At one point I was going to have this as a workshop but it was too good a space not to use for display. We had the arch made from the original door frame and it is very effective.
Here you can just about see Sylvia's decoupage canvasses on the walls. Her cards are to the front of this picture. Also here is my twirly stand filled with bags from Jacquie Bell's Bags of Charm. I do love these bags. They are fully lined with useful little pockets, and come in four basic sizes. One of my favourite features is a little scented sachet tucked inside which keeps your bag smelling lovely.

Knitted bracelets are one of my biggest sellers at craft fairs. Not so much in the shop, but whenever I do a show I have to be well prepared. I think is must be the novelty factor but they are quite eye-catching and very colourful.

Ha!!! I don't sell sheep in Buy Design but don't you think these ones are lovely. This photo was taken at Alyth Show a few weeks ago and I couldn't resist sharing it.

Be back soon with more news and pictures soon.
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