Thursday, 31 March 2011


I think I'm showing my age a bit when I say that I am really really excited to be going to see Showaddywaddy at Pitlochry Festival Theatre this weekend.
If you are now thinking "Showaddy..what ?" or "Showaddy..who ?" then I can only feel sorry for you that you are not old enough to have experienced the glam age of mid '70s music. Of course, I was just a child at the time....
If I can only contain my excitement for another day and concentrate on work I'll be doing well. I seem to have forgotten how to take photos these days.
There's been a lot of crochet going on and I am nearly ready to start on my Easter window so pop back in a few days and see how it turns out.

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Fiona said...

I remember groups of girls singing Under the Moon of Love in the playground!

Many years later (late80's) they played at the university I was at and I roadied for them!! It probably wasn't cool to admit it at the time, but who cares?!

Have fun!!!