Saturday, 26 March 2011

Scrap Happy Theatre Company

I've been working today !!!
Not a life shattering event for most people but I don't normally have to work on a Saturday. I realise that having Saturdays off is a  luxury that most shop owners only dream of. This is when I appreciate having nearly grown up kids, who are willing to work in mummy's shop for a minimum wage, so that mum and dad get to go out to play for the day.
However, today I had a craft fair in Blairgowrie organised by Scrap Happy Theatre Company. This is a local youth theatre group and the kids performed on stage throughout the afternoon which was great to see. What a lot of talented young people live in our small rural community. So, it really didn't feel too much like working to be honest... sell a bit.. chat a bit... watch a performance... chat a bit more. Not bad for a rainy Saturday afternoon.
My neighbour was a lady called Clara, who I have met a few times now. She uses precious metal clay, (PMC)  and makes some lovely jewellery. I found out today that she has started blogging but is still finding her way around Blogger. So if you fancy a look at something a bit different, please pop over for a visit to clarasmithjewellery 

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Clara Smith said...

Thanks for mentioning me! I am now following you too, and very slowly finding my way around Blogger. Was great to catch up again today. No doubt I will bump into you again soon at some other craft event. XX.