Thursday, 17 March 2011

My Creative Space.

This weekend is the annual Federation show for Angus SWRI. It's open to the public on Friday and Saturday at the Reid Hall in Forfar. Today was set up and judging so my creative space was cleared out this morning when my friend Cathy came along to collect my entries. If you were reading here last year you may remember me saying how bad I am for leaving things till the last minute. The schedule for the show comes out in September, and like last year I ticked off a few things I would like to enter for and this time told myself that I would work at a steady pace and get everything ready well in advance.
So ... what do you think happened ?
Well I finished off my 'Novelty Doorstop' on Monday afternoon.

My 'Button Necklace' wasn't so much of a challenge as I make lots of these to sell in the shop, but I did have a bit of a challenge just choosing which one to enter.

My 'Knitted Toy' was a bit of an afterthought.
 I have been busy crocheting bunnies for Easter and had kind of forgotten that I had said I would knit a toy.
This little guy was knitted on my day off on Tuesday, sewn up and stuffed on Wednesday and has his nose and eyes sewn on at 11pm on Wednesday night. I really should be better organised in future....

And finally this 'Christmas Themed Cross-stitch' was re-framed on Wednesday afternoon as I realised the original frame exceded the size specified in the schedule.
I think I now qualify for a big fish supper from the chippie for tea tonight. Or does that sound like a reward for being disorganised ?
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Brave New Fiona said...

Hi Fiona! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I look organised but I really am not. I am a beginner with knitting so I am yet to build up that stash and confidence to acquire yarns with such abandon (working towards it!!). Your crafts are lovely and your mother did well in naming you!! LOL. xxx

Fiona said...

Fiona ... you're not alone! I like being organised but am very good at putting things off (obviously because there are more pressing matters to attend to!!). Maybe it's something to do with the name...??

Anyway - I think you've pulled it off! I especially like the doorstop - very cute. Hope you allowed yourself your reward?!

Buy Design said...

I wonder if there is a collective word for a group of Fionas. With so much crafting and active going on maybe it should be a 'flurry of Fionas