Saturday, 5 March 2011

My First Chain Maille

I have been popping back and forward visiting the lovely blog of Crafty Ady quite a bit recently.
She has recently become addicted to the art of Chain Maille, and I was inspired to have a try myself.
I was lucky enough to have some project cards  which gave pretty good instructions on getting started.
And like Ady, I may have discovered a new addiction.

This one is called a Bizantine weave and was recommended as a good place to start. It was a bit fiddly getting started but I got the hang of it quite quickly. 104 gold coloured jump rings went into this and it's the perfect size for a bracelet for my skinny wrists.
Please have a wee click on the link above and see the amazing creations of Craft Ady.


Fiona said...

Yes - Ady is definitely addicted and it seems to be catching!!

Tina said...

ohhh I love love love it...this would make a beautiful charm bracelet chain. Are you perhaps going to sell them eventually?


Buy Design said...

Thanks Tina, that sounds like a good idea. It's always good to get feedback and to see how other people imagine using my jewellery. I do hope to make some more now that I have got the hang of the technique but I might be keeping this first one.

Ady said...

Ooo - lovely!! Chain maille is such a satisfying craft, don't you think? Once you get the hang of a weave, the repetition has a peculiar calmness about it and it's so satisfying watching the chain grow in length. Jeff Olin's CGMaille dot com website has some good weave tutorials. There are also some good ones on youtube. Thank you for the mention.