Thursday, 29 April 2010


On Thursdays I like to visit kootoyoo where creative people from all over the world post links to their blogs and show a little bit of what they are up to.
There's not much that I can show this week as I have been busy with top secret projects. I really really really want to show a lovely set of jewellery that is now finished and waiting to be collected. It's really really nice and I am really really pleased with how it all turned out but it's a special order for a wedding next month. The bride is being very generous and giving all the bridesmaids and flower girls matching jewellery to wear on the big day. I was dead chuffed when she asked if I could do this for her and we spent a long time considering all the possibilities. I'm sure the girls will all be delighted with their gifts.
Now I know it's a long time till Christmas but I have also been making some things for this years' display. The window competition is very serious here in Alyth...  Last year I was knitting like mad throughout November to get everything finished so I am starting early this year. Of course, this is another Top Secret project. You never know who might be reading.
Third project of the week is ( a bit late I know ) an Easter Bonnet.. My friend Mel sets a challenge to a group of friends each month, and this month it's an Easter Bonnet. We are off to Mel's tomorrow night and no doubt she will have made little rosettes for the top 3 bonnets. No doubt she will also have the kettle on and some lovely things to eat. I'll try to get photos of all the hats tomorrow. So much better than just the one.
Have a lovely, creative day where ever you are.
Fiona x

Monday, 26 April 2010

Perthshire Open Studios

I have now confirmed that I will be taking part in Perthshire Open Studios this year. Click here if you would like to know more from the official site. It's not fully up and running yet but should be in the next few weeks.
I'm pretty excited and a little bit cautious about this venture which takes place from 11th till 19th September this year. Basically, artists, designers and makers from all over Perthshire open their studios to the public for the week. I have visited some of these in previous years but the first year I didn't have a studio and the second year I missed the deadline for applications. So this year I got myself organised well in advance and am now waiting for the brochures to appear.
I'm hoping that this will introduce Buy Design to a much wider market. The thing about being in a small town is that there is always going to be a limited number of customers. However the Open Studio week is really popular amongst people from all over who are interested in art, craft, and design, and who are interested in seeing makers actually making... I'm going to have to polish up my pliers and wire cutters. Or would I look more professional if my tools look well worn ? Still have a few months to work that one out.

Cheeky Girl

Well that's the last time I leave my dog and my laptop in the same room !!!! Never expected that.
Normal blogging will return. I've had a busy week and here we are at the start of a new one. Some pictures to be posted and some tidying of the shop to be done, and a couple of projects to be finished.
Time to get started I think.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Angel's First Blog

My mum is a bit busy in her own Creative Space today knitting a snowman !!! I'm sure she will tell you all about it when she is ready. I'm kind of hoping that it might be for me since it's white and I'm white and I like white things, but I suspect I'm going to be disappointed.
So here I am in my Creative Space with my daddy (I'm the one with the brown ear) contemplating the work ahead. This is in The Den of Alyth which is probably the best place in the whole world if you like running up and down hills and foraging for smelly things to eat. One of my favourite things to do is chasing deer. Now don't panic no animals are harmed in this fun activity.
1. Because they are bigger than me.
2. Because they are faster than me.
3. Because they can jump really high fences at the top of the Den.
However this is great exercise and keeps me in tip-top shape.
Now, to the job at hand. What I really do best is rescue sticks and twigs and stones from drowning in the Alyth burn. Have you never wondered what happens to all the sticks that people throw for dogs to retrieve ? They don't always get retrieved and if it wasn't for me they would end their days all soggy and unloved at the bottom of the burn. So that's what I do. I save sticks.
Can you see the concentration required for this tricky task?
This one is practically a tree. I might need a bit of help.
A job well done and a biscuit from my daddy.
I can't promise any more doggy spaces but if you pop over to kootoyoo you will see lots more Creative Spaces today.
Bye for now.
Love from Angel x

Sunday, 18 April 2010

And the winner is ....

I am really pleased that my customer was delighted with the selection of necklaces from my last post. I find it more stressful to make jewellery to order than to make what I want to do. There's more of a sense of responsibilty to it. A bit like working in reverse.
 I usually start with an idea of colours and shapes and just see what develops. This usually works for me, although sometimes I end up taking the whole thing apart and starting again. However, when I am making for a particular person I get a bit insecure about whether or not they will like it.... and will they feel obliged to buy the finished piece even if it's not quite right.
I really shouldn't worry so much but that's just the way I am. Anyway, my worries were needless. Customer was very happy, and almost tempted to buy two !!!  She chose the one bottom right in the photo, which just happened to be my favourite, and the one which I thought she would like best. Maybe I am a better judge of other people's taste than I thought I was.
The other three are now looking for a good home. Hopefully they won't be in the shop for long.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Pretty in Pink.

Today My Creative Space has been mostly pink.

Last week I was asked if I could make a necklace to match a lovely outfit which will be worn to a wedding next month. I love a challenge like this. First we rooted around my bead boxes and found some that were nearly right, but not quite.
Then we looked around for anything that matched the feature colour of pink.

On Tuesday I headed off to my favourite bead shop armed with a pink nail file,
An old copy of Womans Weekly

And a reel of pink craft wire

 Of course it would have been a lot easier if I had just borrowed my customers jacket and taken it to Perth with me, but it was having some alterations done elsewhere.
Anyway, I was able to find some lovely beads and have been putting together a few options today.
Apart from length and shade of pink the only other consideration was that the necklace would be worn with pearl ear rings.

Hopefully one of these will be just perfect.

I'm off to take a look at some other Creative Spaces now at kootoyoo

Thursday, 8 April 2010

New Arrival

It's been a busy day today with the unexpected arrival of some sunshine. Funny how a blue sky and a bit of sun can really perk you up. Good for business too as people take the time to walk around town at a slower pace, stop to look in windows and spot something lovely they just have to have.
The arrival of our new supplier Margaret Fleming with her super ceramics has provided quite a talking point. No sooner had Margaret left than I had some lovely painted people in the window. They have been attracting attention all afternoon. Here a some of the pieces she brought down.
Something for the nature lover.

Something for the new babies pennies.

Something for everyone.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Voila !!!

Yippee... I finished my crocheted socks and they are both the same size and they fit me.
Ahh the little things that make it all worth while.

Monday, 5 April 2010

My first sock..

Well, what can I say.? Four months ago I started learning how to crochet. I thought it would be a fun challenge and a nice way to start the year. I thought I would practise a few samples, maybe make a few squares, put my practice to good use by crocheting some jewellery... I'm starting to fear that my new hobby is turning into a serious addiction. I'm amazed at how versatile this craft is and just how many different things you can do.
My Gran and the Great Aunties had masses of crocheted doileys and chair backs around when I was a wee girl and I always thought of crochet as a bit of a grannies craft. How wrong I was !!!
Anyway, I have spent long enough away from my crochet hook and I feel the force calling me back. Here's a wee look at my first sock.
So far so good. My only concern is will I be able to make the other one the same size !!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

My Creative Space.

Last Thursday My Creative Space was on a train travelling from Budapest to Prague. Crochet hook in hand, and in between watching the passing landscape and trying to catch the attention of the steward with the refeshments trolley, I managed a couple of squares for what I like to think of my Holiday Blanket.
This Thursday I am counting up the squares and wondering just how big this blanket should be and how I am going to join the squares. I hate sewing up so am thinking maybe I could crochet them together. Suggestions would be nice.

By the way, this creamy, gorgeous white chocolate, hot chocolate drink, topped with chocolate moose was truly yummy. Think I might have to go back to Prague for another one.

If you would like to see some more Creative Spaces pop over to kootoyoo and see what other creators are up to.