Thursday, 29 April 2010


On Thursdays I like to visit kootoyoo where creative people from all over the world post links to their blogs and show a little bit of what they are up to.
There's not much that I can show this week as I have been busy with top secret projects. I really really really want to show a lovely set of jewellery that is now finished and waiting to be collected. It's really really nice and I am really really pleased with how it all turned out but it's a special order for a wedding next month. The bride is being very generous and giving all the bridesmaids and flower girls matching jewellery to wear on the big day. I was dead chuffed when she asked if I could do this for her and we spent a long time considering all the possibilities. I'm sure the girls will all be delighted with their gifts.
Now I know it's a long time till Christmas but I have also been making some things for this years' display. The window competition is very serious here in Alyth...  Last year I was knitting like mad throughout November to get everything finished so I am starting early this year. Of course, this is another Top Secret project. You never know who might be reading.
Third project of the week is ( a bit late I know ) an Easter Bonnet.. My friend Mel sets a challenge to a group of friends each month, and this month it's an Easter Bonnet. We are off to Mel's tomorrow night and no doubt she will have made little rosettes for the top 3 bonnets. No doubt she will also have the kettle on and some lovely things to eat. I'll try to get photos of all the hats tomorrow. So much better than just the one.
Have a lovely, creative day where ever you are.
Fiona x


Sarah said...

The jewellery commission sounds very exciting. I am in the middle of a headdress commision for a June bride so I know how exciting it can be and how top secret it all is, he, he!!

Kylie said...

Well from someone in Mildura I must say the sound of 'Alyth' is magical are there any sprites or pixies peeking out from flowers at the bottom of your garden? I will be calling back to see the results of top secret business...very curious.