Thursday, 22 April 2010

Angel's First Blog

My mum is a bit busy in her own Creative Space today knitting a snowman !!! I'm sure she will tell you all about it when she is ready. I'm kind of hoping that it might be for me since it's white and I'm white and I like white things, but I suspect I'm going to be disappointed.
So here I am in my Creative Space with my daddy (I'm the one with the brown ear) contemplating the work ahead. This is in The Den of Alyth which is probably the best place in the whole world if you like running up and down hills and foraging for smelly things to eat. One of my favourite things to do is chasing deer. Now don't panic no animals are harmed in this fun activity.
1. Because they are bigger than me.
2. Because they are faster than me.
3. Because they can jump really high fences at the top of the Den.
However this is great exercise and keeps me in tip-top shape.
Now, to the job at hand. What I really do best is rescue sticks and twigs and stones from drowning in the Alyth burn. Have you never wondered what happens to all the sticks that people throw for dogs to retrieve ? They don't always get retrieved and if it wasn't for me they would end their days all soggy and unloved at the bottom of the burn. So that's what I do. I save sticks.
Can you see the concentration required for this tricky task?
This one is practically a tree. I might need a bit of help.
A job well done and a biscuit from my daddy.
I can't promise any more doggy spaces but if you pop over to kootoyoo you will see lots more Creative Spaces today.
Bye for now.
Love from Angel x


Selina said...

Great job Angel! What a wonderful community service you are offering! Save the Sticks!! Hope you enjoyed your biscuit :)

Kirsty said...

What a lovely space Angel has.