Sunday, 18 April 2010

And the winner is ....

I am really pleased that my customer was delighted with the selection of necklaces from my last post. I find it more stressful to make jewellery to order than to make what I want to do. There's more of a sense of responsibilty to it. A bit like working in reverse.
 I usually start with an idea of colours and shapes and just see what develops. This usually works for me, although sometimes I end up taking the whole thing apart and starting again. However, when I am making for a particular person I get a bit insecure about whether or not they will like it.... and will they feel obliged to buy the finished piece even if it's not quite right.
I really shouldn't worry so much but that's just the way I am. Anyway, my worries were needless. Customer was very happy, and almost tempted to buy two !!!  She chose the one bottom right in the photo, which just happened to be my favourite, and the one which I thought she would like best. Maybe I am a better judge of other people's taste than I thought I was.
The other three are now looking for a good home. Hopefully they won't be in the shop for long.

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