Sunday, 29 August 2010

Sunday Shadows in Broughty Ferry.

My knowledge of flowers is pretty hazy. I often think I know what something is called, but the truth is that I'm just guessing most of the time. This lamp-post shadow though, reminded me of what I think is called a Lupin. The chances are it's called something else entirely but it does look a like a long stemmed little bud to me.
We had our 'summer' holiday at the beginning of July and it's seems like a long time ago now. That is perhaps why we have been out and about playing at being tourists for the last couple of Sundays.
Today we went to Broughty Ferry which is only about forty minutes away from Alyth and had a lovely walk along the front at the side of the River Tay.

I did wonder if I could pass this shot off as a shadow shot but there is a big clue there which you just might spot if you look closely...
Can you see the train on the second bridge?
The Tay road bridge is at the front with the Tay rail bridge about half a mile further down the river. If you walk along the riverside under the rail bridge you can still see the supports for the original Tay Railway bridge standing out of the water. It collapsed on 28th December 1879 during a terrible storm. Most of the passengers on the train that was crossing the bridge at the time died due to the cold water rather than drowning. To be honest, I hate crossing the bridge. I know it's not going to collapse but I always find myself looking out for the old supports in the water.

On  a lighter note... We found the biggest thistle I have ever seen in the ornamental gardens in Broughty Ferry. My husband is 5ft 8in so you can see it is quite a large thistle.

A lovely walk along the shoreline.

And a visit to Broughty Castle for some local history
Then it was time for a late lunch at the Chinese Buffet on the City Quay in Dundee.
Home on time to join Shadow Shot Sunday at heyharriet 
I've got to deliver a child to swimming club now but will be checking out some more super shadow shots this evening. Have a look yourself. There are lots of lovely bloggers to visit.
Fiona x


Hey Harriet said...

Thanks for the fun tour! I enjoyed myself. I'll go with Lupin! I'm totally clueless when it comes to flower names, so I wouldn't know the difference anyway. Love the big thistle! I have thistle growing crazy in my backyard & thankfully it hasn't reached that height. Although it's not far off...

Have a great week :)

madebymum said...

Great photo's