Thursday, 26 August 2010

My Creative Space

I'm hoping that when I check out the other Creative Spaces at kootoyoo I will find that I'm not the only person to have been distracted today. I fully intended today to be a jewellery day, and even tidied up my boxes of findings..

But then I noticed that my shelves were really messy. They have been pretty messy for a while but I was obviously looking for distractions today so I tidied  up my shelves of stuff. I even cut little inserts for the big boxes so that I  can see where all my little boxes and bags are.

Then I looked out the back window and spotted this.

This fabulous heron can usually be seen flying around the Den of Alyth and swooping down into the water at an impressive rate. Today he decided to perch on my neighbours roof. I have no idea why, but maybe he got distracted too.
On my way back into the shop I had to pass my little box of crochet hooks sitting invitingly, beside my bag of yarn.... Well what would you do?
Five more squares for my next throw.
This throw is kind of a sampler of lots of different stitches, patterns and textures.
It's probably about 60 squares short of being a blanket at the moment but I'm really enjoying the process.
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Fiona x


Fiona said...

I'm really easily diverted too and I do like a good tidy up! Let's face it, now that that's done, you don't have any excuses, do you?!

Those crochet squares are very cute (and so neat!). I was just thinking if you made 5 squares a week, you could have a quilt before Christmas!

Buy Design said...

Ahaa.. unless I decide to tidy a cupboard next.
The squares are the product of my learn to crochet magazine. One ball of wool with each issue. It's good that you get the wool along with the new pattern for your blanket but it's only after the first few that you notice the small print.( 120 squares ie 120 weekly magazines to complete the blanket) Currently on issue 35 and even though there is always some spare yarn and I have finished about 50 squares, there's still a long way to go.

angelina said...

hi fiona,
what method of joining are you doing?
ive got strip rows and need some advice, i'm new to crochet yikes!
huge big bird !

The Clip Cafe said...

I love the colours on your squares :-) Alot of patience by the sounds of it to make ALL those squares, must be so nice when throws etc are finally finished :-)