Thursday, 19 August 2010

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I'm still working on scarfs for the Great Scottish Winter. I'm pretty sure there will be a big demand as we are expecting snow in September. It is possible that the weather forecasters have got it wrong, but it's always good to be prepared. This is where my crochet obsession is proving invaluable. Who would have thought there could be so many different ways to loop wool around a little hook?
Today's scarf features a 'V-stitch'
Feel free to join in.....
Start with a chain which is a multiple of 3 chains plus 4 (e.g.19 = 15 +4 or 22=18+4)
For the foundation row work one treble into the fifth chain ( we are on UK terms here. I think UK trebles are US double crochets) do one chain then one treble into the same chain as the first one.
It should look a bit like this.
Miss two chains then 1tr, 1ch, 1tr into next chain.
Repeat this to the last 2chains. Miss 1ch then 1tr into last ch.
Turn the work and do a 3ch turning chain.
Do 1tr, 1ch, 1tr into the chain space of each V shape.
Repeat to the end of the row then make 1tr into the top of the turning chain from the row below.

Turn and do the same again as often as you like until your work is the required length.
I usually use a hook one size bigger than that recommended for the yarn so that I get a more open lacy texture. It's good to play around with different sizes though and see what happens.
Hope you enjoy.
Maybe another stitch next week ?
Have a visit to kootoyoo for more creative spaces. There are soo many clever people out there.
Fiona x


Fiona said...

Snow in September? I've only seen that a couple of times - once in Iceland and (strangely) once in California. It really doesn't bear thinking about!

I have been knitting scarves for the last few weeks (Christmas presents for the men in my family!) but I need a prettier scarf and this may just fit the bill. Looks like it works up quite quickly too! And the yarn is gorgeous too - looks all snowy!

Buy Design said...

Looking forward to seeing your scarfs Fiona. This one does crochet up pretty quickly. The yarn was a bit of a bargain at the £ shop. It's supposed to be double knitting but I think it's a bit thicker and has a quirky texture to it.

michelle said...

love that snowy looking scarf. i bet it's very warm. i'm going skiing next week in AUSTRALIA!

Buy Design said...

I've never imagined snow in Australia Michelle.
Have fun skiing.

Fiona said...

Thought you'd like to know - I've started a crochet scarf using the V-stitchin some very girly pink yarn!

Buy Design said...

Can't wait to see it finished Fiona.