Friday, 28 May 2010

My Granny Shrug..

Two obvious questions just sprang to mind then. Firstly, no I am not a granny. And second, a granny shrug is not the grown up version of the teenage 'duh... whatever'.
So, now to the point of this post. Over the last couple of weeks I have been jumping around from blog to blog, following links and gathering hints and tips and inspiration from many places. It all started at fruitfulfusion where I saw, what was described as 'mathematical crochet'. Basically hexagonal granny squares joined together then edged to produce a very cute baby jacket. I followed links and sadly lost track of where I went but I did find instructions to follow.
If only I could make one for myself !!!
Soon after, I visited kootoyoo to take part in My Creative Space and found a grown up version of the baby jacket. This one was done on a huge (15mm) crochet hook and looked really good.
I've just finished my version, which is a bit of a combination of everything I have seen. I used a 7mm hook and some lovely chunky yarn. What do you think ?
Starting with two wibbly-wobbly hexagonal grannies.

A bit of Origami, folding in just the right place and you have one side of the shrug.
I crocheted along the top of the sleeve instead of sewing, mainly because I like crochet more than sewing, but also because I like the way it looks. I did the same up the back, joining the two pieces together.

And Voila !!!
One Granny shrug.
And one teenage shrug for the camera.
You can't really see here, but I crocheted round the arms just to tidy up a bit.
And also did an edging along the neckline to add a bit of shaping.  

Now Megan wants to keep this one so I may a fight on my hands.


Fiona said...

That looks really good, Fiona. I can see why Megan wants to keep it! Can't even begin to contemplate crocheting something like this ... still working on being able to crochet a square satisfactorily. Think I'll go back to my knitting!

Buy Design said...

Thanks Fiona. I feel a bit of a fraud as it really isn't that complicated but I'm pretty pleased with how it turned.

Fruitful Fusion said...

It looks lovely!!!

Quilary said...

I love the jacket. I think that I could actually do it. I am always amazed at the way pattern designers 'think' to come up with such a simple way to put things together.

Danielle said...

wow - what a great pattern!

Kirsty said...

Wonderful! I love the blue & I'm thrilled that your first has been nabbed just as mine was ;)