Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Birthday Giveaway....

Happy Birthday to my little blog. What more could a blog want than it's own hand knitted Birthday Meringue and pink Birthday Candle.

On the 18th of May last year I decided to become a blogger. Did I plan this ? Did I give it lots of thought ?
                                            Did I even know how to upload a photo ?

On the plus side, I had read lots of blogs and really wanted to join the wonderful world of creative people that I was reading about.

So ,after a bit of arm twisting, my lovely Megan 'offered' to get me started and now, a year later I am so very glad that she did. I have met soo many lovely people, some who pop in once in a while and some who are regular visitors. Some who have been incredibly helpful and encouraging, and some who have made me laugh out loud. Some who seem to want turn my place into a dirty video site ( and  I don't mean mud pies). Thank goodness for comment moderation !!! I am so glad that I found out about that sooner rather than later.

To celebrate this little landmark I think it's time to have a Buy Design Giveaway.
Bearing in mind that my visitors are all over the world I feel there should be a bit of a Scottish theme to this one. Since I am officially (according to my profile) a jewellery maker there really ought to be some jewellery. Since I have become addicted to crochet, there really ought to be something crocheted.

To enter, it's really simple. Just leave me a comment and become a follower. Maybe you have been a secret follower for a while, well now it's time to say Hi ! 
Tell me your favourite colour and I will do my best to make the prize to suit your tastes.
Closing date will be 27th May.


Fiona said...

Hi Fiona ... and happy blog birthday or 'blogoversary' (if there is indeed such a word!). Do you really get lewd comments?!! I'm shocked! I enjoy your blog and hope you have a great time at your craft fair next week. Fiona

Nikki said...

COngratulations Fiona. May there be many more blogoversaries!

Buy Design said...

Thanks Nikki.
And yes, Fiona I have had a couple of 'naughties' that come disguised as Chinese text. Yeah for comment moderation.

bubbachenille said...

Hi Fiona, The time goes by quickly doesn't it ? Happy blog birthday to Buy Design!
My faves are pink and black! Have a great birthday!

Quilary said...

Congratulations on a year of blogging. I came to blogging for very similar reasons - I kept reading so many interesting blogs and seeing so much creativity that I wanted to be a part of it. Glad to be a follower.

Tina said...

Hi, I get those naughty comments sometimes too. Happy blogiversary.


Kellie Christie said...

HI Fiona! Happy Blog Birthday! My favourite colours are purple, red and black.