Thursday, 13 May 2010

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It's Thursday again, and time to share at kootoyoo .

On Saturday 22nd May I will be taking part in a craft fair in Blairgowrie Town Hall, Perthshire. Of course, everyone is invited, but first I need to restock on a few essentials. Sooo.. today I put away my 4mm crochet hook and  wool and brought out this instead.

Crochet bracelets were at the top of todays To Do list.

Red and silver wire with seed beads in a little shell pattern.

Same wire and beads here but just a simple double crochet.

Soon these little fasteners will be stitched in to place and the bracelet will close with a little magnetic catch.

In true 'Blue Peter' style.... Here's one I made earlier.

And finally... I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this yet. Could I do several wire and bead granny squares and turn them into a bracelet..? There's no weight to this at all so it's no use as a pendant...
Ah ha. Maybe a brooch....?
I'll let you know if anything worthy develops from this one.

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Selina said...

Wow! I'm really impressed! That granny would look good as a brooch I think :)