Thursday, 6 May 2010

My Creative Space.

This week my creative space has been a little bit frustrating.   Lessons have been learned, and it's only fair that I share what I learned.

Lesson no.1
 It takes a lot more granny squares to make a blanket than I thought.

Lesson no.2
  Follows on from no.1
It takes a lot more wool to make a blanket than I bargained for.

Lesson no.3
  When you find bargain wool in the Pound shop buy an extra ball just in case.

Lesson no.4
The reason it's in the Pound shop is because it's been discontinued and when it's gone, it's gone.

Lesson no.5
I'm still working on lesson no.5. I'm sure it involves magically turning 62 squares into 120 squares but I'm not sure how I will achieve this.

If all else fails... Call it a cot blanket and gift it to a friend with a baby, then take note of the lessons learned and start another one.

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Fiona said...

The cot blanket sounds like a great idea - or maybe you could get some co-ordinating wool and do a border of squares in new colours around the edge and make it look like an intentional design choice!

As I still can't crochet a square, I think this is fabulous!

Fruitful Fusion said...

Oh tell me about it!!! I've now decided that my Hex "blanket" should become something else! Something that will take less time and less yarn to finish! :D The baby blanket idea is a good one!

Quilary said...

I've done the same thing with a "blanket" when I started learning to crochet last year. It was going to be a "throw" by Christmas and is now an almost completely finished "knee rug", just in time for winter weather 'Down Under'

Buy Design said...

Thanks for the encouragement ladies. Having spent the afternoon crocheting all the squares together, I am now inclined to think of it as a knee rug. My knees were very cosy as I worked away.... just in time for Scottish summer..

Anonymous said...

Years bring wisdom.......................................................