Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Window Dressing

If you have been here before you may have read about the window competitions here in Alyth. The Christmas Competition is always the best and every shop takes part. Easter, last year was pretty good too. But now we have the challenge of the Valentine's Window.
I have been busy making lots of little goodies : mostly with my newly learned crochet skills. It's been lots of fun and I thought I was well prepared.
I only went and forgot just how big my window is. Off I went today, climbing the step ladder, hanging crocheted hearts, full of the joys of life.
An hour later I stepped outside to have a look and was soo disappointed. It all looks a bit minimalist, and while that might be seen as a good thing, it's not quite the look I was after.
I'm taking a wee break now from the crochet hook but have just finished another heart pillow and rose corsage to add to the display.
Hopefully be back tomorrow with piccies of the finished display.

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