Monday, 22 February 2010

Just a little ramble

Yesterday my husband and I decided to take a wee run out in the car and ended up in Pitlochry. Only about 30 miles away but if you take the scenic route, which we did, it's like going to a different world. Twisty, turny roads, single track in places, and sheep wandering along the side of the road, certainly make it an interesting drive. Of course being the driver means you miss some of the scenery as you are focusing on the sheep that is just about to cross your path but so long as your passenger keeps up the tour guide commentary you don't miss much.
Essential to any trip in my family is the availability of a nice cup of tea and a scone so that was the first stop when we reached Pitlochry. Next on the list is a visitor centre, which we found at the Heather Gems workshop and gallery. I've often seen Heather Gems jewellery but never knew how it was formed and now I do, so as well as beautiful scenery and I nice cuppa I also learned something new.
We had a lovely walk through the town and ended up at the Festival Theatre for lunch, another walk along the river and over then wobbly bridge to take photos. I hope you like the view. I feel sorry for the poor duck in the icy river though.

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