Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Some of my recent work

It's all a bit pretty in pink but we are surrounded with snow here and a bit of colour makes a nice change. As promised I have made a start at posting pictures of my jewellery. This bangle has a hammered texture to it, and is similar in style to some bangles that I did earlier for our baby collection.

I personally like simple jewellery and do a lot with simple twists and coils. Here is a small selection of rings.
Something else I like to do is make things up as I go along. I think the proper word to describe the next two pendants is Organic. The first one is made from lots of tiny pieces of scrap silver: left over bits from other projects. They are all fused together and I love seeing how it all comes together. This one reminds me of the ship in Peter Pan as it passes through the clouds.

Similar technique here, although the silver has been melted right down and dropped in cold water. The benefit is that I can use up all the little bits of silver in my scrap pot and if I'm not happy with the result I just melt it down again.

As I said before, I do like twists and coils.

This piece probably took the most time to complete. The little square measures about one inch, and has tiny holes drilled all round. Do you remember string and pin pictures ? Very popular in the seventies. This piece reminds me of those pictures, with very fine silver wire threaded through the holes.

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