Friday, 8 January 2010

Happy New Year

I have been back to work for two days now and am just about back in to a routine again. Sadly my lovely Christmas window display has been packed away and I quietly planning next years'. We are currently enjoying!!!!! the lowest temperatures in about 30 years so I am knitting hats and scarfs as fast as my needles will go.
Poor Mary, my flower lady is enjoying even worse weather up in Aberdeen so we still have some of her lovely Christmas decorations in stock. If you fancy stocking up for next year now would be a good time.
I realised the other day that despite being a jewellery maker I have posted very few pictures of my own work so that is on my ToDo list.
New Year resolutions. Now, I don't normally make any but have made the effort this year. My target is to learn as many new things this year. I wonder how I will get on.
First on my list is learning to crochet. I do quite a lot of knitting, currently woolly scarfs but I also knit with wire and I hope to be able to produce some interesting crocheted jewellery before too long.
Second on the list is a bit scarey and I am already getting a bit nervous about it. I am booked on to a course at the end of January to learn about making a web site. I'm convinced that everyone else on the course will be computer whizz kids, but hopefully it will all be people like myself.
I will keep you posted on my progress.
Happy New Year to everyone out there.
Fiona x

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bubbachenille said...

Cant wait to see some pics of your work ! :-)