Saturday, 5 February 2011

Happy New Year.....

Maybe this posting should be called "Happy New Month"
Or maybe " Where have you been since Christmas ?"
I could tell you all about our terrible weather, the layers of thermal underwear that have made getting dressed each day  a bit like the preparation for an Arctic Expedition.
I could tell you that frostbite had got the better of my typing fingers, not to mention the difficulty of crocheting with your gloves on.
Or I could just say that I have been enjoying a bit of a blogging break.
January is always a bit quiet... (really quiet this year !!) and I try to use this time to plan my strategy for the year ahead. I've just started planning which craft fairs to do. Is it just me or does there always seem to be two good fairs on the same day and I have yet to figure out how to be in two places at once?
Maybe that could be this years' challenge... Possibly not.
I hope everyone out there is well and I look forward to catching up with all my favourite blogs now that I am back on the computer.
Fiona x

Oh, and by the way. A friend of mine has just joined the blogging world. Kerstin is a very talented ceramics artist and has some of her work in Buy Design. Maybe you would like to pop over for a visit to
alythceramicstudio to offer some bloggy encouragement.


Fiona said...

Happy New Year, Fiona! Glad to see you back!

tea and cake said...

Hey, great to see you back! I think January has been quiet for everyone, this year.

boo vake said...

And a happy new year to you too! Took a detour to Alyth a few weeks ago and had a wee nosey in your window(t'was a Sunday)- so much neater than here! Arlene x

Buy Design said...

Thanks Arlene, Shame I didn't know were there. I'm only next door and could have made you a cup of tea.

madebymum said...

nice to have you back. I am in the middle of deciding where Made by Mum will exhibit this year. Which events are you booking?