Thursday, 23 December 2010

Santa Clause is coming to town....

I'm not about to show any more snow and icicles here today. Not because there isn't an abundance of snow and icicles just waiting to be photographed, simply because we're getting a bit bored of them now.

It's now four weeks since our first snow fall and the novelty has worn off. I'm missing grass and black roads and walking the dog without having to worry about her getting lost in a snow drift... And just simply walking without fear of landing on my bum when that sneaky black ice hides under innocent looking snow.

However, tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I have many reasons to be happy. Snow has definately had a beneficial effect on business and shopping local is 'the new black'. Why would anyone willing trek all the way to Dundee or Perth in this weather when my little shop is so much easier to get to.

So.. one more day in the shop then it will be time to sit back, relax and enjoy Christmas with my family.
The Tree is decorated, the cupboards and the fridge are well stocked. Presents are all wrapped, with the exception of my sister's which I haven't quite finished making yet, but we won't be seeing her till next week so no need to panic.

All that remains is for me to wish all my blogging friends a very happy and peaceful Christmas and a successful and happy New Year ahead.
Lots of love from Fiona xoxo


Fiona said...

Glad to hear that snow has been good for business, Fiona. It's nice to hear the positives amidst all those awful stories from Heathrow and elsewhere.!

In this part of Canada we've had far less snow so far than you guys and, although it's cold (we'll be lucky if we get above zero before the end of March), we're all counting our blessings. Sometimes winter lasts 5 months here without seeing any green - so I can appreciate how you're feeling. We have little rubber things with spikes on that we slip over our walking boots and give total confidence on the ice - very handy indeed... of course, we're well geared up for snow and ice and it is a rare day when schools have snow days or roads are impassable.

Here's wishing you a very relaxing, warm and merry Christmas and a happy hogmanay.

tea and cake said...

Hi Fiona, Happy New Year to you! What great plans have you got for 2011?

Fiona said...

Hi Fiona

I'd like to nominate you for the Stylish Blogger Award ... details over at my blog. It's a bit of fun but also brings newer blogs to a wider audience.